Love through storytelling

The Woman Behind the Movement

My name is Sandra. I was born in Hull, Quebec and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I have an infinite appreciation for Ottawa and its people. I believe that our city is filled with loving souls with inspiring stories to tell. I also believe that by sharing these stories and connecting with one another, we are loving out loud. My hope is to create a movement.

Follow me through this journey, as I build connections, meet loving souls and share their heart-warming story, as well as my experiences, by Loving Out Loud!

About Love Out Loud

Do you love out loud? Of course, you do. We all do, a lot. I’m referring to the love that binds us together, regardless of our origins, beliefs or statuses; unconditional love from one human to another, the kind that brings us to show compassion and kindness towards one another.

Love Out Loud’s raison d’être is to express love freely for the people that give theirs in countless ways and make our community a better place.