This is your space:

Your space to connect, your space to feel inspired, your space to Love Out Loud, if you dare.

Do you love out loud? Of course you do. We all do, a lot. I’m referring to the love that binds us together, regardless of our origins, beliefs or statuses; unconditional love from one human to another, the kind that brings us to show compassion and kindness towards one another.

Love through storytelling

My name is Sandra. I was born in Hull, Québec and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I have an infinite appreciation for my city and its people. I believe that Ottawa is filled with loving souls with inspiring stories to tell. I also believe that by sharing these stories and connecting with one another, we are loving out loud. My hope is to create a movement. Why? Well, in order to answer this question, I must tell you a little about myself.

For years, I went through the motions of life at a very fast pace. I was overworked, secluded and defined myself by my job and by what I could do for others. I maintained superficial relationships and packed my schedule to avoid being alone. I accepted every invitation I received and only lived to please people. I favoured instability and drama and I repeated toxic patterns in perpetual cycles. I moved close to 30 different times, held over 20 jobs, and had many failed courtships. Over time, I became very impulsive, destructive and rigid. I had low tolerance for change and expressed all spectrum of emotions with the same high level of intensity.

I lived (more like I survived) this hectic lifestyle until one day, it all came crashing down.

In October 2016, my body sent a final signal that would stop me in my tracks.  After months of sleepless nights, numerous anxiety attacks, visits to the emergency room and many meltdowns, I crumbled under the pressure. A pressure I had imposed upon myself. I could no longer ignore the alarming symptoms: I was suffering from a severe burn out.

The consequences on my mental and physical health were devastating. With the help of many health professionals and a strong will to free myself from this pain, I embarked on a self-discovering journey. Over the span of 11 months I worked very hard to overcome limitations, deconstruct habits and beliefs, and to connect my mind, body and heart simultaneously, for the first time in my life. Through self-care techniques, acknowledgement and acceptance I developed compassion and found love.

I finally came to realize that I did not love myself nor had I ever learned how to receive or give love to others. My heart imploded; the feeling was so intense that I wanted to share it with everyone. And so, I started reaching out and connecting with others, sharing my story and learning about the people that surround me. I witnessed extraordinary moments and discovered the pleasure of connecting by simply listening and opening my heart. But what about the people I don’t know, I pondered? I was saddened to see that so many of us isolate ourselves in micro communities or refrain from connecting by fear of judgement.

I could not contain myself; it became clear to me that I needed to create a space and a movement for all to love more. And so, the reason behind the creation of Love Out Loud is simple: to express love freely for the people that give theirs in countless ways and make our community a better place.

Follow me through this journey, as I build connections, meet loving souls and share their heart-warming story, as well as my experiences, by Loving Out Loud!